How it all started

Rihards Lībietis is a musician from Latvia, blending acoustic fingerstyle, blues and chill-out music in one whole listening adventure. He’s been playing guitar since 2007, changing from a passion in rock-climbing to performing music.

Rihards Lībietis

Rihards’ musical influences include Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, Albert King, Ray Charles, Michael Hedges, Andy McKee and the likes of Thomas Newman, Jeremy Soule among others.

Music helps to let go of your problems. If you listen with intent, you will find yourself happy.

He is a mostly self-taught musician. It all started with rock music, moving on to blues. After creating a few practice projects and attending every jam session, he improved his skills as a musician.

Performing LiveRihards Lībietis

Doing live shows since 2010, Rihards has already started to leave an impact in the Latvian music scene. He has been performing in a variety of clubs, restaurants, festivals and other events.

He started writing and performing his original acoustic music as a solo performer in 2010. Gaining some useful experience that way, in 2011 Rihards landed a spot as a guitar player in Bite’s Blues Band, with whom it was, at last, a professional kind of work – regular concerts, and performing with experienced artists in the blues scene, such as Innes Sibun, “Sir” Oliver Mally, Suzie Quatro, among others.

Working with different projectsRihards Lībietis

Between playing in the band and as a solo performer, Rihards Lībietis has had the chance to try new experiences. Working with the band RYGA in composing music for the theatre play “Izraiditie”. The play premiered in January 2014 and was a great success in the Latvian theatre scene. The soundtrack was nominated for the Latvian annual theatre awards 2014.

The same year saw a lot of experimenting, and new collaborations, such as The Blues Barbers– a charity project with other well known Latvian musicians.

In the year 2015 a new play, entitled  “Catch me”, which was also nominated for an award at the Latvian annual theatre awards, was created. Rihards composed and performed the whole soundtrack at each showing of the play.

Album releases

In 2012, he released a limited edition, homemade demo EP of his original music – the first one. It has since served as a reminder of the direction Rihards wishes to keep going in, even if the technique and style are constantly evolving. You can listen to it here.

RL_Orchestra_3masas1In 2014 a new album, completely self-recorded, revealed itself as RL Elektronix

September of 2015 saw the release of Rihards newest album Scream, Breathe, Cry, from which the band RL Orchestra emerged.The band has completed two Baltic tours since the release of the album, and are yearning for more. Find out more here.



In beginning of 2017, Rihards arranged and recorded instrumental cover versions of popular Latvian tunes, resulting in an album “Seasons.Spring.Guitar”, published in March by Micrec music as a part of a 4 album series, featuring different Latvian artists. 233183_ac4c391339


Also in 2017, RL Orchestra are releasing their second album, and a live recording – LIVE IN CONCERT, which is due to come out in May, 18.



Work with Rihards!

Besides playing in RL Orchestra and others, Rihards is open to playing in any interesting project, performance, venue, so if you would like to work with him, give him a call!

The Mist // Rihards Lībietis - Scream breathe Cry
  1. The Mist // Rihards Lībietis - Scream breathe Cry
  2. Light // Rihards Lībietis - RL Elektronix
  3. Grace // Rihards Lībietis - RL Elektronix
  4. Anoranza // Rihards Lībietis - Scream Breathe Cry
  5. All That We Are // Rihards Lībietis - Scream Breathe Cry